Generous Support from EQT Foundation Increases Preparedness Efforts for Local American Red Cross

$10,000 Donation Will Fund Local Initiatives to Increase Response Capacity

From the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy last year, to the recent apartment fire in Shadyside to the current destructive floodwaters in the Midwest, the American Red Cross is always on the ground, assisting those who are in need of food, clothing, shelter and a shoulder to lean on. In addition to this relief, the organization strives to prepare communities in the event of a future disaster.

In an effort to assist the local Red Cross in its readiness initiatives, the EQT Foundation made a $10,000 donation to benefit local preparedness and disaster relief programs. This generous contribution allows the organization to fulfill its important preparedness and relief efforts throughout the Western Pennsylvania community.

“We are so thankful for this generous donation from EQT,” said Patricia Waldinger, CEO of American Red Cross Western PA Region. “This contribution enables us to prepare and respond more efficiently during large-scale disasters. Overall, it increases our community’s resilience.”

The funding provided by EQT will go toward a region-wide shelter drill, taking place Saturday, April 27. The drill will operate 8 simulated shelters across Western Pennsylvania. The preparedness event is designed to test how the local Red Cross would respond during a large-scale disaster operation in the area. The drill allows volunteers and staff to practice their respective roles and as a result, further prepares the workforce to quickly and efficiently deliver Red Cross services during a relief operation.

“Washington, Greene, Armstrong and ElkCounties are home to many EQT employees and we want to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of their neighbors,” said Linda Robertson, spokeswoman for EQT Corporation. “The number one priority for EQT’s offices and production sites is to follow a safety protocol, and partnering with the Red Cross in its efforts to keep communities protected during a natural disaster is an extension of that. We’re proud to support the Western Pennsylvania Region of the Red Cross.”

For more information on the local Red Cross and its preparedness efforts, call 412-263-3100.

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