Pittsburgh Pirates Giveaway Winners

The following volunteers navigated their way through Volunteer Connection to win two tickets to see the Pirates play the St. Louis Cardinals on July 29th. Still not sure how to use Volunteer Connection? Contact your local chapter program specialist. Trainings are available.


  • Barb Benedetti
  • Barb Duffy
  • Bob Meyer
  • Carolina Pinzon
  • Carrie Ennis
  • Charles Roae
  • Deb Presnar
  • Diane Tatano
  • Ellen King – intern
  • Faten Odeh
  • Fay Wood
  • George Petrau
  • Harry McFarland
  • Ian Henderson
  • James Yoke
  • Jane Murtland
  • Jesse Hott
  • John Cogan
  • Karen Miller
  • Khalid and Khadijah Shakir
  • Lori Bell
  • Martin Lockard
  • Mary Ann Curley
  • Michelle Hughes
  • Mike Blair
  • Mike Yandura
  • Moien Odeh
  • Nancy Shaw
  • Paul Goodwill
  • Roxann Tyger
  • Ruth Pearce
  • Shawn Brucker
  • Skip McGreevey
  • Thomas Cramer
  • Vince Schiappa

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