June Be SAFE Day Recap

This summer, the Red Cross is partnering with the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to provide tools and resources to assist local families, enabling them to better prepare for the possibility of a home fire. Together, the groups will carry out the SAFE program in fire-prone neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh. The SAFE program aims to educate residents on these steps while also giving them the tools and resources for fire protection.

As part of the second phase of the Be SAFE Program, run by the local American Red Cross of Southwestern Pennsylvania, residents of East Liberty and surrounding communities attended Be SAFE Day, held at the Kingsley Center on June 22.

Twenty-nine residents came out to learn about fire safety, including the Pollard family, composed of Ms. Pollard and her four children, Demetrius, Samira, Remi and Kemi.

 When the Pollard family heard about Be SAFE Day, they immediately marked it on their calendar. Ms. Pollard felt it was important for her children to attend the event and learn how to prepare themselves for an emergency. On the day of the event they arrived promptly and took the time to explore each station and interact with all of the Red Cross and fire department volunteers on site.

The Pollard family walked away with new knowledge regarding fire safety. Each child also enjoyed participating in various games and activities at the event. The kids especially enjoyed the “stop, drop and roll” obstacle course and performed the drill multiple times.

 The City of Pittsburgh Fire Department attended the event along with their fire trucks. Demetrius sat in one of the fire trucks and the children learned how the firefighters ride when they are en-route to helping people.

 The girls explained that their brother won a prize because he answered a question about smoke alarms correctly. Demetrius remembered that people must check their smoke alarms so they are working in case of an emergency. Also, he knew that by giving the alarm a test run they would be able to recognize the sound in an emergency and understand what is going on.

 Ms. Pollard recalled that the event had all the things you need in case of an emergency.  As part of the event, the City of Pittsburgh fire department is installing free smoke detectors in the home of anyone who requests them.

“I’m getting those supplies for my house,” she said.

Ms. Pollard signed her house up to receive free smoke detector installation for her home by the City of Pittsburgh Fire Department along with six other attendees.

The girls recalled “we won’t be scared in an emergency if we need help because the Red Cross was so nice.” They also wanted to attend the next event and bring along their friends from school and church.

When referring to her children, Ms. Pollard said “each and every one of my children were enthralled and intrigued with what you can do to be safe if ever in an emergency.”

The second Be SAFE Day will be held on July 27 at the Hazelwood YMCA from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For more information about the event and the SAFE program, visit www.redcross.org/WPASAFE


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